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SEASON20~22 > Snowboards Size

20~22 ALLOY Snowboards Size

Model D.O Hermes Darwin's Flows
Size 165 161 162 158 159
Ideal Carve & Bx Carve & Style All Mountain Cruiser
Shape Directional with Tapered Directional with Taper Directional with Taper
Camber Positive Positive Nose Rocker + Positive
Length 165cm 161cm 162cm 158cm 159cm
Effec. Edge 145cm 141.5cm 144cm 140cm 125cm
Sidecut Radius(M)

13m~10.5m 11m~9.5m 11.5m 10.83m 8.5m
~11.5m ~10.5m
Waist width 25.8cm 25.2cm 25.8cm 25.6cm 26.2cm
Nose width 30.8cm 29.8cm 31cm 31cm 32.4cm
Tail width 30cm 29.3cm 29.2cm 29.2cm 30.1cm
Set Back 5cm 5cm 3cm 3cm 4cm
Insert holes width 46~58cm 44~56cm 48~60cm 48~60cm 48~60cm
Flex 9 8.5 8.5 8 7.5
Rec. Weight 70~90kg 65~85kg 70~90kg 60~80kg 65~85kg
Model The one OutKome Pandora SNIPER
Size 157 153 156 152 145 161 158
Ideal Carve + FreeStyl All round All round Carve & All Mountain
Shape Directional Twin Directional Twin Directional Twin Directional Twin
Camber Positive Positive N/Rocker+Potsitive Positive
Length 157cm 153cm 156cm 152cm 145cm 161cm 158cm
Effec. Edge 145cm 141.5cm 127cm 124cm 125cm 127cm 124cm
Sidecut Radius(M)

9~8.8m 8.2m 7.8m 7.5m 6.8m 8.3m 8m
Waist width 25.3cm 24.3cm 25.5cm 25.1cm 24cm 25.3cm 25cm
Nose width 29.5cm 28.4cm 30cm 29.3cm 28.3cm 29.7cm 29.3cm
Tail width 29.5cm 28.4cm 30cm 29.3cm 28.3cm 29.7cm 29.3cm
Set Back 1cm 0.75cm 1cm 1cm 1.5cm 2cm 2cm
Insert holes width 47~59cm 44.5~56.5cm 48~60cm 46~58cm 41~53cm 48~60cm 48~60cm
Flex 7.5 7 6.5 6 6.5 8 7.5
Rec. Weight 60~80kg 55~75kg 60~80kg 50~70kg 40~60kg 70~90kg 60~80kg
Model B-Bomb
Size 155 Classic GT 153
Ideal F/S, Ground Tricks
Shape True Twin
Camber Positive Pop Camber
Length 155cm 153cm
Effec. Edge 118cm 121cm
Sidecut Radius(M)

7.6m 8.2m
Waist width 25.2cm 25.4cm
Nose width 29.8cm 29.5cm
Tail width 29.8cm 29.5cm
Set Back 0 0
Insert holes width 48~60cm 45~57cm
Flex 6.5 5
Rec. Weight 60~80kg 55~75kg
Model AZX
Size 163 155
Ideal Carve & Race
Shape Directional with Tapered
Camber Positive
Length 163cm 155cm
Effec. Edge 149cm 141cm
Sidecut Radius(M)

14.6m 12.65m
Waist width 25.8cm 25cm
Nose width 31cm 30cm
Tail width 28.6cm 28cm
Set Back 4cm 4cm
Insert holes width 48~60cm 44~56cm
Flex 10 9
Rec. Weight 75~95kg 60~80kg